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Welcome Cross Stitchers !
It is my pleasure to bring to you images in cross stitch that are fresh, decorative, whimsical, colorful,
and fun to stitch.  Projects include pillows and images suitable for framing.  Showcase artists include
Randee Kilgore, Ikki Matsumoto (well known artist from Sanibel Island, Florida) and some very
special images by 11 year old Stephanie Kilgore which benefit the Humane Society of Pinellas.

RK Portfolio Cross Stitch Designs can be purchased at fine cross stitch shops located across the
United States, Canada, as well as many other countries around the world.  

For the Art Lovers.....
Click on the "Art" Button and visit the sites of several wonderful artists with whom I am honored to
be associated.  

Randee Kilgore
I have been stitching for over 25 years, and designing cross stitch since
1996.  I graduated from USF with a BA in Art Education,and became a picture framer in 1978. I
opened my own frame shop in 1986, and now work full time as a sales representative for a picture
frame moulding distributor in Florida.   My daughter Stephanie shares my appreciation of art, and
makes me proud of her every day.  Always the entrepeneur, every spare moment (it seems) is filled
with cross stitch,  jewelry making,  and several other endeavours.
Designing my own cross stitch is a wonderful creative outlet for me.  I just love color, and I have
always been drawn toward fabric designs and motifs.  It is so gratifying when stitchers appreciate
my work.  Many of my images portray animals and nature within decorative borders.

Ikki Matsumoto came to Sanibel Island in 1975 and became enamored with the native
birds, fish, and wildlife found on the island.  “I began painting sandpipers on the beach
with a humorous twist and it became a hit tourist item. I began silkscreen printing which
suited my style of flat color and design.  I like birds and the pattern they create; the
pattern of the wings and feathers.”    A student of artist Charles Harper, Ikki became an
illustrator and designer. He published a 2-volume book of “punch-out” animals and
illustrated the best-seller, The Joy of Cooking.  Ikki was chosen by First Lady Nancy
Reagan to paint an Easter egg which is now in the collection of the Smithsonian
Museum. Currently residing in Ft. Myers, Florida, Ikki & Polly Matsumoto show their
originals and limited edition prints in their gallery on Sanibel Island.   In 2003, Ikki
asked RK Portfolio to produce some of his images as counted cross stitch patterns and
have been very popular with stitchers everywhere.
Explore the art of Ikki & Polly Matsumoto!  Visit their website: www.ikkimatsumoto.com

Stephanie Kilgore is a young artist (11 year old daughter of Randee) who loves to
draw many things, but especially loves to draw dogs.  Her cartoon style is a great fit
for cross stitch and with her love for animals, decided to donate part of the proceeds
to the Humane Society of Pinellas County in Clearwater, Florida.  RK Portfolio is proud
contribute to an organization that does not destroy any adoptable animals in their care.  
Visit their website:  www.humanesocietyofpinellas.org

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